Just as sports players look for coaches who can help them hone their skills, we all look for trainers who have what is considered the knowledge and skill set required to train us in pursuit of our fitness goals. In a way, we trust them with our lives. But how do we know if our instructor/trainer/coach is well-versed in the requisite skill set and can be trusted to uphold a certain standard?

Well, now we can. All thanks to the officials launching Register of Exercise Professionals INDIA (IREPS)

April 27, 2019, marked the official launch of IREPS: Register of Exercise Professionals INDIA. IREPS has been launched with a vision to introduce a standardisation of skills in the fitness industry, aligning the Indian courses to the International Standards (EREPS) and providing an opportunity to exercise professionals to be recognised in India and Internationally.

I feeling extremely honoured to have been a part of this event and to have witnessed this historic moment, and I thank FSSA (one of the sponsors for the event ) for giving me this opportunity.

What is IREPS?

IREPs is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of fitness professionals in India. An IREPS membership indicates that the registered fitness professional:

  • Holds the recognised and approved qualifications.
  • Is independently verified as being competent in the workplace.
  • Is committed to ongoing professional development.
  • Holds an internationally valid CPR AED.

It is highly recommended that members of the public looking to employ the services of an exercise professional should check to see if said professionals are registered with IREPS.

10 Lessons Gleaned From The Event:

  1. Solid Foundations
  2. Mutual recognition of EREPS and IREPS
  3. Standardised Content
  4. Mobility of employment
  5. Provision of High Quality employees to employers ( Great clubs need Great staff )
  6. Members and employee retention
  7. Employability and growth
  8. Prosperity
  9. Meeting place for Key Industry stakeholders
  10. Professionalise the Fitness Sector of India