About Me

Priyanka Kinger is a strong, passionate and hardworking woman, based in Bangalore. She is a Certified Personal Trainer (Level 4) , Certified Group Exercise Instructor (Level 3) , Certified Fitness Trainer (Level 3) through Fitness and Sports Sciences Association. Registered with EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) - Certified Personal Trainer (Level 4) and Government Of India (Skill India)

Her style in fitness and life is to combine passion with discipline, hard work, dedication and consistency.

Conducting one-on-one personal training sessions with clients, assisting them in accordance to their fitness goals, Priyanka Specialises in -

  • HIIT Training / SLRT Training
  • Nutrition and Diet Counselling
  • Fat loss and Conditioning
  • Posture correction

She has successfully conducted several workshops on Fitness.

Currently, Priyanka is one of the master trainers of Goflo in India. An equipment she believes that’s going to bring in positive and impactful change in the fitness industry, changing the course of suspension trainers.

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