Myth : Lifting heavy weights will make you look masculine.

Myth: Lifting heavy weights will make women look masculine!

Many women think of weight training as, obtaining monstrous muscles.
Ladies it’s time you get your facts right about weight training. 

Various studies and tens of thousands of practical experiences have shown that women who do resistance training are healthier, leaner and stronger. Lifting weights not only helps you with increasing bone density , and metabolism it also lowers the risk of heart diseases and chronic diseases.

Lifting weights and gaining strength gives you a confidence within yourself unmatched by anything else. In a world where women are often told to be smaller, lesser, softer and quieter .. lifting heavy weight is, I think, one of the best things i encourage you to do. 

When I first started weight training and was able to transform into a stronger version of myself, those feelings of strength started in my muscles, and they crept into my head and my heart, and the way i saw myself. And as i got stronger, i began to feel more powerful. Weight training definitely strengthens your mind and gives you confidence and a sense of self. 

Mind you, your training should make you more functional. And as a matter of fact most women carry a purse weighing more than 3 lbs, even the grocery bags are no less. So, who says that women shouldn’t be lifting weights ?

Women are strong and should be lifting like it.