Patience and Perseverance

Time and time again the two most commonly asked questions by people are:
a. How do I lose weight faster (Fat loss) and
b. How do I gain muscles faster (muscle hypertrophy) 

The answer to both I would say is Patience and Perseverance. It is a fact that physical training is very important to gain either of the results. But don't forget that mental health is equally important. You will only be able to push yourself to the extent your mind allows you to.
Patience and Perseverance is a combination of the two (Mind and Body)Fitness isn't only about physical strength/ physical health and aesthetics, it is also about being mentally strong/ mentally healthy.

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips. So, obviously who doesn't want everything at a faster pace ? We are so used to the easy way that we no longer want to do the work. And in this process, we have lost one of the most important human traits and that is Patience.

We all know for a fact that we barely appreciate the things that are given to us easily ( without having to work hard for it ) but, if the same was to be achieved by us with all the hard work , we appreciate it or rather cherish it almost forever. Why do we do so? why do we appreciate/ cherish it more when we work for it rather than it being given to us easily?
Simply because we know how much work we put into achieving it.

(When we get things without work, without ethics, without value, we don't know how to value what we've gained.
If You want something instantly know that you will loose it instantly. If you work towards something, know that you know how to value it and cherish it) 

Here are a few tips i would like to share with you'll in order to attain your goal.

  • Love what you do : " If you love what you do, you will smile your way through" Now that you have chosen a healthy lifestyle for yourself , it's important to love what you are doing for yourself. Don't consider it to be a punishment. 
  • Don't Limit yourself : Limitations only exist if you want them to. It's important that you befriend your mind and push through the limitations that you have created for yourself. Never ever give in to your mind and let it convince you that you can not achieve results. Believe in yourself. 
  • Be willing to make healthy sacrifices: Sacrifice on all the bad habits ! (isn't that a great idea ). Most people think that attaining a great physique is an easy task but very few know that it's the other way round. The amount of sacrifice, discipline and dedication is huge for a person to actually get a great physique. Remember : its not impossible. You only have to take the first step and when you start seeing the results you would not want to stop. 
  • Want it bad enough : What does perseverance mean ? Doing something despite the difficulty . So if you really want something bad enough you got to be persistent. If you don't have that kind of a mind set or a goal then it gets easy to find excuses and escape. But if you want it bad enough you will make sure you do things in a right manner to achieve your goal. 
  • Have fun : No matter what your goal is, don't be too harsh on yourself. its good to add a flavour of fun. Cause if you don't then you might get bored of your routine or hit a state of plateau. Its alright to switch things up a bit every now and then, try something new which interests you. 
  • Work your way : Every master was once a beginner. Never have the feeling of entitlement. It's better when things are done the hard way as you learn more and out shine yourself in different ways. nobody can take away your hard work from you. When you get there with the Hard work that you have put in Trust me you will Love yourself more. You will be proud of yourself and cherish the things you can actually accomplish for yourself. 

Last but not the least be Patient with your results. You will achieve what you are aiming for, its only a matter of time.
Dont aim at the easy way out.
I hope you can take back something from here and apply it in your life.