It’s time to make our work ethic sweat, expand our knowledge and become more versatile!

This post goes out to all the personal trainers / fitness instructors.

First and foremost a toast to all the passionate trainers out there who are trying their level best in changing peoples’ lives in the best possible ways and getting them on track with a healthy lifestyle. Cheers!
But how many of us are really at it? like genuinely !
Lets talk about work ethic. What do you think when you hear the word "Work Ethic"?

If you go by the dictionary it will tell you, that work ethic is the belief that work has a moral benefit and an inherent ability to strengthen character.
If I may break it down for you, "work ethic" would simply mean integrity, a sense of responsibility and emphasis on quality and discipline.

Lets start with integrity.

  • Always have a transparent relationship with your clients. There is no harm in letting your clients know what they are really doing. Don't keep the exercises a secret. Educate them (this can only happen when you are knowledgeable yourself)
  • Once you share knowledge with your client you are also building trust.
  • Have moral principles, also know what is right or wrong for your client.

Emphasize on quality and discipline.

If we expect our clients to follow certain principles and be discipline in terms of workout, it is also very important that we set, create and be that example for them.

How do you get the quality you ask for? well just make sure that you keep learning . If you want to remain at the top of the game then you must always be willing to learn new ways to achieve that.

Being knowledgeable is a better option than being a "gym bro" who knows very little and is unable to deliver better results. Now, only having text book knowledge will not help, practical knowledge is equally important. I believe unless you haven't tried an exercise on yourself, you will fail to understand the intensity and hence will not be able to modify the exercise for your clients. You have to do some sort of trial and error on yourself before you try to set the routines for your client.

Have a sense of responsibility.

At the end of the day you are dealing with someone’s life/health and you definitely don't want to screw that up. So always make sure that you are well aware of the programmes you are planning for your clients. If you think you are not sure about a specific condition that your client has, it is always a better call to ask them to visit a doctor/ expert for expertise opinion and clarity. Once you have the clearance from the doctor/ expert only then can you begin with the training. Remember you are only a fitness instructor and not a doctor so don't try to take things into your control.

Along with this you also need to have a responsibility of being punctual. (its like a cherry on the cake)

The last thing your client would want is to be ready and energised for the session only to receive a text from you at the last minute saying you aren't coming for the session , you really need to understand that they are dependent on you for motivation and not turning up for the session. This would not only drop their interest but it may also lead to you loosing that client. (you don't want that , do you?)

I know as trainers we love one specific form of fitness but remember there is nothing wrong or rather you won't be losing anything by learning a new form of fitness. Why?

well. (i'll break it down in a point or two for you)

  • You will see fitness from a different perspective.
  • Bonus points as you can try new forms with your clients keeping them more engaged and motivated. (No more same old boring routines)
  • Keeps you motivated as well (if you are motivated, your clients will be too)
  • Helps you become versatile.