In life we go through many levels , get thrown off by obstacles and face several enemies. Sometimes we may even be faced with situations that we can't control! So, what's the best that we can do? Let me share something meaningful that i have learnt in life : "If you can't control people , then control your reaction to them. If you can't control a situation , then prepare for it."

Talking about situations, i've personally faced a very challenging situation in life. It was two years ago that i met with a minor accident and managed to get a grade 1 knee ligament injury ( i couldn't control the situation ) . I was advised a knee brace by my doctor and was strictly asked to stay put. And having the busy life of a fitness instructor, it got difficult for me to stay put. More so because i had so many things planned ahead of me. I was excited to take multiple classes and attend a certification course which was lined up, but here i was at home asked not to do anything as it could worsen my injury.

Just a few days at home and i was already frustrated and felt awful. Unable to stay put, i decided to go take one of my group class at the gym i worked, near home. My dad being supportive agreed to drop me at the gym. All my clients surprised ( i still had my knee brace on). By the time i finished the session and was home , i realised that my knee brace had broken and caused swelling to the back of my knee, worsening my condition. Now, i had to go through an extended stay at home because of my hasty decision to go take a class. it lead me to a prolonged recovery period :(

Everyday just got frustrating for me. Feelings of disappointment, worry, anxiety and the fear of missing out (FOMO) hit me massively. But then this was just an obstacle for me and not a set back.

What do I think you can learn from this?
It is important to understand that there are many things in life, of which you have no control over. It is inefficient to become frustrated by that reality.
Remember: Never take decisions in haste

Since i was confined to my bed, i definitely did put on weight. what could i do? i could not go workout! I tried to remain calm and be positive as i knew that i would be able to get back on track. Once I was rid of my knee brace after a long month and half (which felt longer) and almost done with my physiotherapy , i hit the gym again. Getting back to a routine was challenging because of many emotional factors , sometimes a lack of motivation, laziness , frustration of not being able to perform like before, doubting my progress or body soreness. I call this as the pain of Re-Starting.

It always gets difficult to get back on track after an obstacle. But thats when you know what are you made of. There will be days when things get tough but you have to get tougher.

The Question arises : How do you control these emotional factors and focus on your goals?

A. It's important to Set Realistic Goals for yourself : Don't be harsh on yourself. Give yourself time. You took time to put on weight, you will take time to get back in shape.

B. Be Consistent : Take each day as it comes and be committed to your decision of going to the gym or doing the activity of your choice. Being consistent is the Key, not only with your exercises but also your nutrition.

C. Work progressively : Set goals to achieve within a certain time and make sure that you progress in those periods. Especially in case of an injury , you need to make sure that you work on your weak spots first to see any progress in your overall fitness.

D. Believe in Yourself : Don't doubt your progress or compare yourself to other people around you. It's one thing to find inspiration and a totally different thing when you start comparing yourself.

If you set realistic goals , be consistent and committed , work progressively and believe in yourself then you are bound to get the results you aiming for.

I hope my story is both a caution and inspiration for those of you who feel like you have to begin all over again. Be patient with yourself and never doubt that you are capable of restarting no matter how painful it may be.

Never be in haste.